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Fox Channel Announces Desire to Continue Shooting Firefly Series

Fox is ready to film the sequel to the popular series Firefly. This was announced by the president of the channel on entertainment topics, David Madden. At the same time, he noted that shooting is possible only on one condition - if the creator of the series Joss Whedon joins the crew. Earlier, Joss Whedon had plans to remove the sequel to “Firefly”, but now he is busy with other projects - in particular, he writes the script for the thriller “Lost People”.

8 actors who were drunk during filming

It is not known what exactly induces well-known actors to use alcohol and drugs, but this is really a common phenomenon. Sometimes craving for booze and substances becomes a problem at work. Today we’ll talk about those actors who claimed to be drunk. Daniel Radcliffe Harry Potter is a symbol of childhood, but the actor who embodied this character on the screen, he is still a buzoter.

Silent Hill 3 - wait for continuation

At one time, the action-packed thriller "Silent Hill", created on the basis of the games of the same name, caused great excitement and attention of fans. In the wake of such popularity, 2 television projects were released that managed to collect a large box office, and now fans are expecting the release date of the film "Silent Hill 3", the actors and the plot of which have not yet been named.

Restarting "Nightmare on Elm Street"

Recently it became known that the film company New Line Cinema is going to launch the new film "A Nightmare on Elm Street" in 2019. Note that the old remake, which was shot relatively recently - in 2010, received a lot of negative reviews from fans and fans of the franchise. Returning to Elm Street Drew's daughter begins to suffer from nightmares, and then he again has to face nightmares from his past - terrible memories and old classmates.

Kendimen (Candyman)

The release date for the movie Candyman is set for 2020, the actors are unknown, and the trailer is only expected by viewers. The film will be a remake of the original 1992 movie of the same name and tell about the sinister ghost killer. Its world premiere is scheduled for June 12, 2020. The expectation rating (KinoPoisk) is 94%.

Big Spoilers for the Game of Thrones 4 Series - It's Just the Beginning

Huge spoilers appeared on the network with plot details just before the release of 4 episodes 8 of the Game of Thrones season. Read or not read - you decide. But this time everything is true, since the information is confirmed by screenshots, and even excerpts of videos. Only one thing is clear, the creators of the series are not going to give the audience a break after the large-scale battle for Winterfell.

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The Japanese returned to the Fukushima infested area to feed the animals thrown there

As a result of the accident that took place at the Fukushima-1 NPP in 2011, the nearby territories were infected and the population was hastily evacuated from the dangerous area. People were forced to drop everything here, including livestock and pets. Left without food, animals were doomed to starvation. But one Japanese, 55-year-old Naoto Matsumura, returned to the exclusion zone to feed the animals left.

Portraits of people before and after drinking wine

Alcohol does not solve problems, but makes it possible to forget about their existence for a while. A few glasses of wine will not do harm, but they can perfectly cheer you up and tune in a positive way. This conclusion was made by the Brazilian photographer Marcos Alberti (Marcos Alberti). In his collection are portraits of people before and after drinking wine.

7 puzzle movies for a fun evening

The best films are those that capture the viewer from the first second and do not release until the very credits. We have prepared for you seven of the most beautiful films, unable to leave the audience indifferent. Mr. Nobody (2009) Nemo Nobody is a decrepit old man who once woke up in a world where people managed to defeat not only old age, but also death.

Jared Leto will try on the costume of the founder of Playboy magazine

Hugh Hefner, founder of the scandalous Playboy magazine, passed away at the age of 91 last week, but his departure seems to have breathed life into a long-standing attempt to make a film based on his biography. What is the next step? Jared Leto agreed to embody the image of the famous publisher in the upcoming biopic. The tape about the life of the founder of "Playboy" was supposed to be published back in 2007.

10 films about nuclear war

All military conflicts bring fear, loss and destruction. Below is a list of the best films about nuclear war. One can only guess what consequences this terrible threat could lead to ... Dr. Strangelove, or How I learned not to worry and fell in love with the atomic bomb (Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb) 1963 Genre: Thriller, comedy, science fiction Rating: KinoPoisk - 8.0, IMDb - 8.4 The film is based on the work of the writer Peter George "Red Anxiety".

Guardians (Watchmen)

Fans of the fantastic comics created by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons are looking forward to the release date of the series Keepers (2019), the trailer is now available for viewing, translating English-language reviews with the dictionary. What awaits the audience? Judging by the stellar cast and directorial idea - it will be something epic!

15 Disney Movies for Teens

Every year there are more and more paintings aimed at teenagers. Below is a list of films for teens from the Disney movie studio (Disney); films about love and school - bright, dynamic, with charming actors and a happy ending. Descendants 2015 Genre: Musical, Fantasy, Comedy Rating: Movie Search - 6.0, IMDb - 6.4 For the sake of filming, actor Cameron Boyce intentionally lightened his hair.

Netflix will release a series on the book of Garcia Marquez

The famous Netflix movie service launched its new series, 100 Years of Solitude, based on a 1967 book by Colombian writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Since then, around 50 million copies have been sold worldwide and translated into 46 languages. The Nobel laureate died in 2014 at the age of 87.

The last test - a film about the attack on Dubrovka

The release date for the film "The Last Test" (2018-2019) was again postponed, the actors whose plot was announced and the trailer was already released - this time the final date of the premiere was set for August 29, 2019. The project will be an indirect continuation of the film by A. Petrukhin "Teacher", which received positive reviews from critics.

The saddest films in movie history

Autumn is a time when a person is in a lyrical and romantic mood, therefore films are also looking for dramatic, noticeably sad, but in their own way strong and touching. We have prepared for you complicated films with an autumn mood, which are pleasant to watch, wrapped in a warm blanket with a cup of fragrant tea in hand.

7 series for those who are tired of waiting for the second season of "End *** th world"

This year they promise to show us the second season of the series "End *** th world". The story of two strange unfortunate teenagers was initially aimed at a youth audience, but in the end it went to everyone - so much so that the series entered the top 10 best Netflix projects for 2018 according to film critics. If you, like millions of people around the world, are looking forward to the second season, then our fresh selection will certainly come in handy.

8 to tears of comedies funny and familiar to everyone

Watching comedies you can forget about everyday problems, cheer yourself up and have a fun laugh heartily. Check out the list of funniest movies to tears. The collections will delight everyone who wants to brighten up a cozy evening. Hangover 2009 (The Hangover) 2009 Rating: Cinema Search - 7.8, IMDb - 7.7 Three pairs of twins and a mannequin were used as an infant.